Car Wreck Chicken


car wreck chicken was born from a frustration of becoming uncomfortably intimate with my mortality every day cycling to work in london. i have to thank all those people who think nothing but of themselves as they manouvere horrible pieces of metal crap towards myself and others attempting to go about our daily business.

so far, i have written all the songs for car wreck chicken, and collaborate with talented indiviuals for the purpose of recording, or gigs. i have made recordings all over the world with some great musicians – with a laptop as i travel. ultimately, i’d like to put this stuff down on proper tape, with a big plate reverb and ribbon microphone. maybe even put this down at sun studios in memphis…

the sound is a south london take on old style barn stomping country and rock n’ roll, as well as bawdy barroom blues. it has no reverence to any of these musical genres, and the songs tend to not quite ‘go’ the way they are supposed to. i have upset some purists in the past, but i think they are missing the point. i started this as a kid in battersea, south london. i am not from memphis, so drop it. however, on playing my songs in a tennessee backyard – looking out over the rolling hills towards the kentucky border, one of my tennessee cousins remarked to my friend, ‘he sure sound country, don’t he?’ so there you go, i’m bona fide.

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