Sapphira xmas card

Sapphira, one of Australia’s best known burlesque artists and teachers (and co-producer for Australian Burlesque Festival 2011) wanted something a bit cheeky, cheesecake and retro for her Christmas card. My first thought for an xmas card was ‘snow’. You’ve got to have snow on an xmas crd, right? Well, not in Australia you don’t – it can be 45 Celsius on the 25th of December! I must admit this was a bit of a challenge to a Brit used to the ‘festive season’ being pretty parky.

The chosen colours are reminiscent of ice cream. This in turn allowed me to use beautiful snowflake patterns. The resulting design suits the Aussies, viewing their xmas cards through a pair of sunglasses with a cold Cooper’s in hand, but remains firmly… festive in the good old British sense!

Sapphira’s burlesque course poster

Sapphira wanted a new poster design to advertise her prolific burlesque teaching across Melbourne. She runs five classes a week in five locations. Somehow we needed to get all of this information onto a poster, as well as making it exciting and easy to read – and enticing!

The design is an extension of the work we’ve done remaking her website. Anyone who knows me knows that I want every poster I make to be nice enough to put up at home too. The design is a loose take on a late 40s–early 50s music hall poster. I didn’t want to get too tied down to looking completely vintage (especially as the Sapphira logo has a more contemporary classic look), but I did want to capture the excitement of live performance, and of course Sapphira’s favourite word of the moment – razzmatazz!

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