Mitzi Caspar

Mitzi CasparNamed after a 19th Century Viennese prostitute, who was the mistress of the crown prince Rudolf, who on comitting suicide, left all his wealth to her.

recently, I have been writing new material for the band. the group consists of three girls, who, along with playing ukulele, melodica and drums, sing gorgeous bubblegum pop harmonies, as well myself playing gorgeous boomy bass.

the current line up was formed in time to play at One Deep Breath’s Mr kite birthday party – a slightly twisted victorian circus themed event that lives on in legend – partly due to the free bar that was kindly supplied by Pernod Ricard.

pop history was in the making and we played clapham or bust a few weeks later and had already built up a loyal fanbase.

miranda and myself are currently both in melbourne and played a hangover cure gig at Ding Dong Lounge on the 2nd January 2008, which included new songs and we played ‘Ukulele Love’ on with a resonator ukulele!

There will be more to come, possibly later in 2008, but currently we are all involved in other things – on different sides of the world.


Miranda Mahalo
Tiia Jaakola
Fiona Murdoch
Nathan Jones