Car Wreck Chicken at Chalkwell Park Festival!!!

Captain Car Wreck played in the Sundown Teepee at Chalkwell Park festival on the 25th of September.

The festival was huge! The atmosphere was very relaxed and happy. The music was great on the main stage as well as in the satellites dotted around the Park. I met some great people on the day and the set – a brand new set list from Car Wreck Chicken seemed to go down well.

It was Captain Car Wrecks inaugural yodelling session and that passed without too many people putting fingers in ears.

Despite the Captain being from the Deep South of London, Battersea, and American family insisted that I was from Tennessee.

I had my song jokes quoted back to me by festival-goers as I perambulated the grounds, so they heard me. Many thanks to sound man Gary for that.

Thanks to for Sundown Arts, Jo and Ray for inviting me.

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There will be a Car Wreck Chicken mini album soon. Let me know if you’d like a copy and I’ll holler you when it is fully fried.

Set list:

  • Bad Jokes
  • Whoop ti i yo
  • In the Jailhouse
  • Car Wreck Chicken
  • Scarlett the Harlot
  • She’s Fine
  • Arnold Blockhead Simpson
  • Where Have you Gone?
  • Little Boy
  • Hotel Yorba