Laetitia Perrot is a Brighton based photographer and image maker. She photographs in a travel reportage kind of style, creating dramatic landscape images and scenes.

She has a unique approach to wedding photography too and creates an enigmatic and stylish set from the event.

Laetitia was looking for an easy to use site and had already found WordPress. However, the off the shelf template she’d tried didn’t really work very well, looked very generic and certainly didn’t bring out her character, or that of her work.

We tried a few ideas out. The dramatic landscapes needed a frame to show them at their best. We tried a very slick, modern style at first, but it soon became clear that she preferred a more vintage and nostalgic look. We came up with this ‘travelling photographer’ feel. I noticed that Laetitia looks a little bit like Leica, the company that makes some of the most elegant looking rangefinder cameras. The hand drawn Laetitia logo is a gentle hat tip to those amazing cameras and the distinctive Leica logo. The camera motif in the background is also based on a 1950s Rangefinder camera.

Laetitia is busily adding her work to the online shop, and soon you will be able to buy her superb prints from the site.