Goldsmiths University asked us to tidy up their Strategic Plan online. They had an existing site that was (made by a student :-0) and whilst had some really nice illustration elements, was hard to navigate.

This project was a little unusual in that the target audience (teachers) is already captive. The site itself is not public, but used as information and forum for comment and discussion. With this in mind, we spent time comprehensively going through the Strategic Plan content itself and created a three layer flow for the navigation. The Plan itself features just a few main chapters, each with bullet points that are expanded upon. We created a fairly standard ‘top’ navigation, which features a flyout menu of the Plan sub headings. When you choose an item, it shows in the main content area on the right of the page. Any item from the plan is can be reached with this simple 1, 2, 3 flow from left to right across the screen.

The site is connected directly into the university system to allow only relevant staff access, and allows the University staff to comment and discuss each aspect of the plan individually. Staff can comment, or add video feedback.