Sundown Arts new website up!!

Sundown Arts hold live events with musicians, writers and other creative people. They’ve worked with the likes of:

Frank Sidebottom, Ed Harcourt, Adem, Jo Caulfield, Isy Suttie, Josie Long, Kiosk of Champions, Josh Weller, Luke Wright, Scroobius Pip, Laura Dockrill, Pictish Trail, The Langley Sisters, Sam Lewis, John Hegley, Kate Tempest, Tim Clare, Francesca Beard, Martin Newell, Ladygarden, Helen Arney, Elvis McGonegall, Jay Foreman and many, many others.

The website is a very lean ‘magazine’ style site. The header has a fun 3D ‘parallax’ effect, which makes the sun go ‘down’ – or wobbly depending on how you move the mouse!

The site features an easy to update events page, latest news, podcasts and more. The wonderful Wibiya toolbar at the bottom means they can show there existing collection of YouTube videos and Flickr galleries automatically without changing anything. When they update their Flickr site, those new photos will show in the stylish gallery on the site automatically!

Check out the new website and the amazing Sundown Arts events here: