misssapphira.com now live!!!

Sapphira - Tease

So, hot on the heels of the recent design we made for australianburlesquefest.com, we continue the burlesque theme, we are delighted to present Sapphira’s new website!

Sapphira wanted a distinct site to replace the site she’d made in iWeb. She’d done a great job with it, but anyone who has used iWeb knows that beyond a few basic design tweaks, it really is the Fisher Price toy of web design, so…

We looked at a lot of sites together. Well, over Skype as Sapphira is in Melbourne and I am in London – and narrowed down a list of site features that she wanted.

Sapphira wanted razzmatazz, red curtains, butterflies, (Callithea Sapphira, of course!).

So, with the operative word being razzmatazz, I decided to see if I could put all those elements together, and still keep the look showy, but elegant and easy to navigate.

We came up with the ‘postcard header’ idea. Sapphira has some really great photos that show off her personality. Each page features a different photograph and a different aspect of her persona.

We also put in the butterflies AND covered them in glitter!

The site features some lovely if subtly and slightly geeky other features, but the main points are that it is easy to manage and update. Homepage news can be updated in moments, there is a form builder for Sapphira’s showgirl classes, so she can make her own online enrolment forms.

Sapphira runs her own burlesque academy called Sapphira’s Showgirls. She also co-promotes the Australian Burlesque Festival (27th May–12th June, see australianburlesquefest.com for details)… She is also a damn fine singer. You can see and hear more of her on the new website:




Von Strüdel new website by Artballs

Von Strudel

Von Strüdel flowers and event art direction wanted a showcase for their expanding business. Something simple to show off their lavish flower arrangements.

The site features a very easy to update gallery, so that they can quickly update with new images after an event.

The site is the latest Anglo-Spanish site from Rigby & Jones.

Scarlett Jezebel gets a new website by Artballs

Scarlett Jezebel

Scarlett Jezebel new web design

Scarlett Jezebel, Swinging socialite, original it girl and remote royal.

Scarlett is part of the famed Southern Belles burlesque troupe. She is now working solo – mainly in Tasmania and the East Coast of Australia at present. Although from the UK, she is based in Tasmania – the land of ghosts, cannibals and rednecks (so she tells me).

Scarlett showed me some rough ideas as a starting point. The colour scheme, as you can see by the wig and feather combo on the homepage, was never going to be an issue: Red, bright red, and black… with a hint of gold and white.

I wanted to create something visually striking – that matches the vivaciousness of Scarlett’s character. Some of Scarlett’s shows and outfits are modern looking, so I didn’t want to go completely vintage on the look.

The design is very stripped down and features gigantic {} curly brackets – yes, that is their real name, as the main theme feature. They appear to have movement in them, which seems appropriate for burlesque dancing.

The static Scarlett picture on the top right changes with each page!!

The site features a simple shop for Scarlett’s home made pasties and garters. Because her items are low run (or one off), there is a stock counter that will show the item as out of stock once it is sold out.

Artballs Innovation

The site has the usual Artballs simple to update aspects, but this one features a new innovation. Many of the performers I’ve made sites for have a lot of photos on Facebook when they start out. It is the cheapest possible promotion of course! By the time they get big enough to have their own sites, they sometimes have hundreds of photos on a Facebook page. With this in mind, Scarlett’s site actually ‘gets’ the photos from Facebook. This means that when she updates a Facebook photo gallery, they automatically update on the website too!

Scarlett is a prolific performer. The show list is very easy to update. A subscribe button allows her fans to get automatic updates and show details on their Google or iCal calendars too!

Oh, did I say? It works on an iPhone too!

Ann Summers Advertising

Ann Summers adArtballs created this cheeky little number for Ann Summers Advertising, for the launch of the new Platinum Rabbit vibrator.

The ad campaign featured designs for newspapers and advans in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool – a total circulation of over 2.5million. It’s quite fun seeing your artwork 18 feet tall and driving down Oxford Street!

I also designed the newspaper adverts for the London Metro amongst others and the carrot tags – which were attached to several thousand silver carrots hung around London!

Platinum Rabbit has lost his carrots!!