Australian Burlesque Festival 2012 redesign complete!!!

The Australian Burlesque Festival is back! Bigger an better than ever. Now in it’s third year, and with more cities added.

The ABF team wanted something more grown up this year. They worked with Kathy St. Clair (check out her postcards) to produce the logo rework and titling, then Artballs used the branding colour scheme and created new site layouts.

The site was extremely successful last year, and as mentioned here, top of Google for a lot of Australian Burlesque related search terms. This is in part due to SEO management being an integral part of the site structure (admittedly it is also in part of Artballs nagging advising the team to post more! 😉

The site flow has been turbocharged based on looking at the site analytics. The site still features the ‘high street’ banner system from last year. This is basically a cute looking column of banner ads (not showing on this screengrab – 2012 sponsors live shortly!). Rather than have annoying and intrusive ads within the page, Artballs came up with the High Street idea – of  putting all the banners together, all on, all the time. Audacious, but it had the feel of shopping on a high street, hence the clever name!

The ads were very positively received displayed in this way and got huge click throughs.

If your business is involved in burlesque, cabaret, costume or make up (headline sponsor was Illamasqua last year), his site is THE top online advertising/sponsorship destination in Australia right now.

Just Google ‘Australian Burlesque’ if you don’t believe us!

Now here’s the really fun stuff. The site navigation has been improved. It is easier to navigate and find things, and on the back, easier to update too – bonus!

Each city was represented in the header last year, and this year we had the cunning idea of incorporating the city names directly into a secondary ‘Buy Tickets’menu bar. We used a 1930s style ‘feathered’ ticket office arrow to give it that subtle ‘romance of travelling’ hint! So, you not only see which cities the festival comes to this year, but the city names are functional too!


Australian Burlesque Festival 2012 sitelinks





The menu code design improves Google sitelinks – Buy tickets now shows – pow!

The slideshow is fully iPad/touchscreen compatible and the description text (showing on the Google screengrab) is lifted straight out of the user editable animated slidewhow – see SEO built right in!


Our favourite feature is the map – which features event dates and ticket links. We think it is the easiest ticket system we’ve ever come across! You just roll over the city stars and the show dates magically appear. Clicking the star gives you full show info and a ticket link. Voila!

Trumpet blowing, but Artballs is about innovation and fun.

If you are in Australia between 7th–24th of June, the Australian Burlesque Festival is the hottest ticket in town.

Australian Burlesque Festival 2012 website

Wanna see the old site?

Australian Burlesque Festival 2011 site design now live!!!

Laetitia Perrot is a Brighton based photographer and image maker. She photographs in a travel reportage kind of style, creating dramatic landscape images and scenes.

She has a unique approach to wedding photography too and creates an enigmatic and stylish set from the event.

Laetitia was looking for an easy to use site and had already found WordPress. However, the off the shelf template she’d tried didn’t really work very well, looked very generic and certainly didn’t bring out her character, or that of her work.

We tried a few ideas out. The dramatic landscapes needed a frame to show them at their best. We tried a very slick, modern style at first, but it soon became clear that she preferred a more vintage and nostalgic look. We came up with this ‘travelling photographer’ feel. I noticed that Laetitia looks a little bit like Leica, the company that makes some of the most elegant looking rangefinder cameras. The hand drawn Laetitia logo is a gentle hat tip to those amazing cameras and the distinctive Leica logo. The camera motif in the background is also based on a 1950s Rangefinder camera.

Laetitia is busily adding her work to the online shop, and soon you will be able to buy her superb prints from the site.

Sapphira’s burlesque course poster

Sapphira wanted a new poster design to advertise her prolific burlesque teaching across Melbourne. She runs five classes a week in five locations. Somehow we needed to get all of this information onto a poster, as well as making it exciting and easy to read – and enticing!

The design is an extension of the work we’ve done remaking her website. Anyone who knows me knows that I want every poster I make to be nice enough to put up at home too. The design is a loose take on a late 40s–early 50s music hall poster. I didn’t want to get too tied down to looking completely vintage (especially as the Sapphira logo has a more contemporary classic look), but I did want to capture the excitement of live performance, and of course Sapphira’s favourite word of the moment – razzmatazz!

For more information on the burlesque courses, see


Anil Desai site now live!!

Anil Desai is a stand up impressionist. His work can be seen on the BBC website and he has recently toured the Edinburgh Fringe, Australia and India.

A key aspect of his show is a deck of cards with the name of a well-known personality on it. The audience chooses cards and Anil improvises a sketch based on these characters.

I wanted the site design to reflect those playing cards. All of the panels feature well thumbed playing card backgrounds. The home page posts look like the are scattered like cards laid on a table.

The site features a homepage featured slideshow, easy to update gig listing, with links to iCal or Google Calendars, a video jukebox and gallery.

The site is easy to update with news and latest gigs.

You can see the site here:

Wrong Way

Wrong Way is an ongoing photography project of signage from around the world. It is also an experiment in mass photograph organising, as well as some geeky technical things.

The start point was 2,500 photos that needed organising and classifying, resizing, thumbnail generation, naming and tagging. I wanted to produce a system that could do this all via a content manager.

The photos were uploaded en masse via FTP, and then a single button scans the folder and resizes the images and thumbnails. It took less than ten minutes to do the whole lot (whilst I was doing other things).

The site basically organises the photos by tags. This means that only one actual gallery is needed to hold all the images. However, for us humans, I arranged them into smaller descriptive galleries.

The images were then named where necessary and descriptive tags were added. Once this was done, it becomes a simple task to add images to posts.

When a new post is made, tags can be added to that. If they correlate with tags on the images, they will display on the post automatically. The site is set to only show 9 related images in a set. This is because some tags have several hundred images!

As I wanted to make the system as simple as possible, I built in automatic image resizing for the posts. The new image is uploaded once and the server resizes and adds it to the correct place on the page. It is a perfect way to post – without even having to add any text to the post.

New posts feature a road cone above the thumbnail. The road cone lasts 7 days to show that the item is new.

Other features include cross posting capability to Facebook and Twitter. It’s just a geek experiment and I won’t go into details!

Hopefully the most entertaining thing about the site is the content itself: 2,500 (and growing) images of signs from around world!

Eva Quilez website now live!

Eva Quilez works internationally as a highly sought after make up and special effects artist. She has worked with Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz, as well as Vinila Von Bismarck and others.

Having been let down by a previous designer, Rigby & Jones stepped into the frame to create a snappy and very simple, clean layout.

Eva’s work base is in both Spain and the UK, so we wanted to produce a site that was bi-lingual, and not by simply duplicating all the content into a second site.

This is something I’ve wanted to have a go at for some time, and this site uses a very elegant system to allow inputting in both languages (it is extensible, so other languages can be added very simply if needed). You can flip between Spanish and English very quickly – using an XML feed. All other layout aspects remain the same to allow for fast loading.

The ‘fast-view’ gallery is purely CSS and of my own design (I must give it a better name!) and we’ve used it before, famously on

After an initial chat on Skype, Eva was uploading and adding picture captions very quickly from Barcelona whilst we polished the design here in London.

The site has a very clean architecture and is valid XHTML as well as being happily iPhone compatible.

You can visit Eva’s site here:

Number 1 Web Design Freelancer!!

Well… the update is that after gaining number two on the freelancer ranking, I’ve now hit the top!

For those wondering why this website is looking a little scruffy, it’s because I’ve been busy with client work and had little time to get my own site back into shape.

However, big news, big updates, new designs, new products for iPad, iPhones as well as the web coming very, very soon…

Thanks again everyone for your feedback, testimonials and ratings.

Here’s what you said about working with me:

Website design and content management for
“Just wanted to say how happy we are with the work that Nathan Jones has done for us. I cannot express enough how superb he has been in every respect of the project. He put so much effort into not just working to the brief but going away and really researching the project so that he really understood what we needed and how best he could implement that. He was extremely easy to work with, a real people person and we were so happy to have him as part of our team on this project. I have absolutely no hessitation is recommending Nathan Jones for any web/design work.”
– Jay Oxenham, – read more…

Website design and content management an bespoke ‘fast view’ gallery for
“I love the finished design and it was much to my expectations. The site is very easy to use – even when I update it from internet cafes while I am travelling!
My clients love the site and I think that says the most about how easy it is to use and how effective it is to show my work and skills.”

– Julia Mortimore, – read more…

Website design and content management with events diary for
“I have been delighted to promote Nathan Jones to anyone thinking of creating a website. He is a joy to work with and understands visually what I describe to him. Extremely professional and very creative. Looking forward to my next project with him.”
– Sarina del Fuego, – read more…

Website design and full shop range featuring full-screen product slideshows
“Highly recommend we’ve received exactly what we wanted very quickly. Have been given full support and advice since our site has been live.”
– Harriet Mason, – read more…

The Voice of Sinatra – new bespoke web design!!

Jay Oxenham is ‘the voice of Sinatra’. He has studied Ol’ Blue Eyes and researched his life, habits and of course singing style . He has performed at many events, before a wide variety of people, and even in a lavish set on a beach in Dubai with full swing band!

Jay wanted a site that captured the feel of Sinatra and related to his voice in his golden years. We researched many vintage radios to use with a feel of homely warmth.

The site itself features bold ‘clunk’ buttons in the navigation – something I remember fondly from car radios and cassette decks. The navigation also features a novel way of showing the different shows Jay does. These are flickery, back illuminated buttons in the radio dial display itself.

It was challenging to create such a distinct design that could also be edited and updated easily – and keep the right mood all the time. The site is fully content managed with dynamic pages and SEO management.

Go and check out ‘the voice of Sinatra’. There are some videos on the Media page if you want to see how good the show is!

Sarina Del Fuego – new website design!

Sarina Del FuegoSarina Del Fuego is one of Australia’s most prolific showgirl performers. She has performed not only in Australia, but in New York, London and beyond.

Artballs have designed a website that suits her sparkly, glittery and feathery career. The site features deco architectural detailing and a striking colour scheme.

Sarina’s busy diary and calendar can be updated very easily whilst on the move. Sarina is in full control of the content adding new images, fan art, events and diary posts whenever she can in her busy schedule.

Please visit:

Crying Out Loud – presentation design

Crying Out Loud - Jeunes Talents UK

Crying Out Loud presented an introduction to Jeunes Talents UK at the Olivier Theatre on London’s South Bank. I designed an easy to use Powerpoint presentation that featured video clips of performance artists, as well as clearly showcasing Jeunes Talents UK and the application process. The design was very slick, but most importantly, presented the key points in a clear manner.

You can find out more about the amazing work of Crying Out Loud and Jeunes Talents on the Crying Out Loud web site:

Short Fuse, Tainted Love, Politico

Short Fuse Politico and Tainted LoveThe latest poster design for Short Fuse, the hottest live literary night in town.

Run by Tara Gould and based in Brighton, this live lit night is taking Brighton by storm and now expanding and causing a scene in Hastings too. I’ve been working with Tara on the vintage look and feel of the website and posters since October 2008.

Check out the latest live events and writer’s workshops at:

Cornershop Myspace

Cornershop MyspaceThe latest bespoke tailored (OK, pimped) Myspace I’ve done is Cornershop.

Cornershop needed a funky new look to show off the new album Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast.

They also needed a big ol’ banner to promote the album download, which is available exclusively from the band website. The banner sits at the very top of the page before and is the very first thing you see on their Myspace page.

The Cornershop Myspace page is here:

Check out the album!

Cornershop Myspace

Gill Rocca

Gill RoccaGill is a very hard working and prolific artist in the UK. We designed this site together with a simple, clean look that lets her paintings stand out.

The site features a simple and highly intuitive thumbnail gallery by way of navigating the paintings. Mixing form and function, the thumbnails are tiled on the right. not only do they look good displayed in this way, but you can navigate the whole gallery without clicking the mouse once!

2020 Business Support

2020 Business Support2020 is one of London’s longest standing Apple Mac support companies. as they are motorcycle based, they have a premier service of one hour on site for emergency support.

This is the second site i have designed for 2020. With this update, we modernised the logo and took a hat nod from the new apple branding and fonts. this is to keep the mac ‘feel’ about the site identity.

The home page features an iMac, which has a working screensaver, and the home button mimics the Mac startup ‘cog’.

Music artist web sites

Video-C is one of Europe’s most popular music video web sites. We work with Apple Quicktime and provide most of the content for the quicktime what’s on page in europe. We are also an iTunes partner, and the site is now closely affiliated with the iTunes music store and iTunes music festivals, now in its second year in the uk. We won the DMA Awards 2004 and 2005 (we were doing this stuff before Youtube!) for our innovative approach to digital music presentation.

I edited content, as well as designed microsites and feature sites for a huge and diverse range of bands.

A selection of my mailout designs. In utterly random order…