misssapphira.com now live!!!

Sapphira - Tease

So, hot on the heels of the recent design we made for australianburlesquefest.com, we continue the burlesque theme, we are delighted to present Sapphira’s new website!

Sapphira wanted a distinct site to replace the site she’d made in iWeb. She’d done a great job with it, but anyone who has used iWeb knows that beyond a few basic design tweaks, it really is the Fisher Price toy of web design, so…

We looked at a lot of sites together. Well, over Skype as Sapphira is in Melbourne and I am in London – and narrowed down a list of site features that she wanted.

Sapphira wanted razzmatazz, red curtains, butterflies, (Callithea Sapphira, of course!).

So, with the operative word being razzmatazz, I decided to see if I could put all those elements together, and still keep the look showy, but elegant and easy to navigate.

We came up with the ‘postcard header’ idea. Sapphira has some really great photos that show off her personality. Each page features a different photograph and a different aspect of her persona.

We also put in the butterflies AND covered them in glitter!

The site features some lovely if subtly and slightly geeky other features, but the main points are that it is easy to manage and update. Homepage news can be updated in moments, there is a form builder for Sapphira’s showgirl classes, so she can make her own online enrolment forms.

Sapphira runs her own burlesque academy called Sapphira’s Showgirls. She also co-promotes the Australian Burlesque Festival (27th May–12th June, see australianburlesquefest.com for details)… She is also a damn fine singer. You can see and hear more of her on the new website:




Do it Momma website now live!!!

Lizzie Haines is a prolific blogger and maker of stuff. She wanted a website that reflects her hand made items, and somewhere to blog news, stories and delicious recipes. Artballs have created a scrapbook look for the site. The latest posts feature in Polaroid style panels on the home page and the site features text that looks like it was made on an old Remington typewriter. Nearly all of the graphics are hand drawn especially for the site, including custom doodles for each category header.

The site has full SEO, is fully updateable, including the shop, where you can buy items that can be personalised with names and messages.

Check out Do it Momma here: www.doitmomma.co.uk

Music artist web sites

Video-C is one of Europe’s most popular music video web sites. We work with Apple Quicktime and provide most of the content for the quicktime what’s on page in europe. We are also an iTunes partner, and the site is now closely affiliated with the iTunes music store and iTunes music festivals, now in its second year in the uk. We won the DMA Awards 2004 and 2005 (we were doing this stuff before Youtube!) for our innovative approach to digital music presentation.

I edited content, as well as designed microsites and feature sites for a huge and diverse range of bands.

A selection of my mailout designs. In utterly random order…